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How to safely load a skip?

Always ensure the skips are loaded level to the maximum capacity line!

At Cheap Skip Hire Bury, we aim to ensure your skip hire experience is as hassle-free and safe as possible. So, let’s chat about how to load your skip properly to avoid any headaches down the road!

First things first, let’s talk capacity. Always ensure you’re loading your skip level to the maximum capacity line. Why? Well, overloading your skip not only risks a refused pickup from the skip hire company and an additional charge, but it can also land you in hot water with your local council i.e. a potential fine.

Now, safety is key here. Overloaded skips aren’t just a headache for you; they’re a hazard for everyone on the road and nobody wants that! Plus, if your skip isn’t loaded correctly, you might end up facing further charges like a ‘wasted journey fee’.

Here’s a quick rundown of how to load your skip safely:

  1. Start with the Flat Stuff: Lay down flat items like wood, metal sheets, paper, and cardboard at the bottom of the skip. It’s all about creating a sturdy base.
  2. Break It Down: Got big, bulky items? Break ’em down into smaller pieces. The smaller, the better! This saves space and makes for a safer load.
  3. Sort and Organize: Separate your waste before tossing it in. Think household waste versus building materials. This makes it easier for us to remove and recycle later on.
  4. Top It Off Safely: Any loose items should go on top of the pile. Think plastics, soil, sand – anything light and loose to fill those gaps and spaces.

Now, let’s talk about maximizing space. Stack those bricks, ceramics, and tiles on top of the flat items. Got furniture? Break it down and fit it safely below the max line. Remember, every inch counts!

So, what happens after you’ve loaded up your skip? We swing by when available, sort through your waste, and aim to recycle a whopping 90% of it! Yep, we’re serious about sustainability.

Now, you can book with us in just a few minutes and get rid of your household waste quickly and safely, thanks to our online skip hire service.

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